Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sheboygan Incompetento Squeals

Joe DeCecco's known for under-charging and blowing prosecutions.

So he has to find some way to rev up his re-election campaign, and CCW's a good place to start.

...Under the law, expected to take effect Nov. 1, the Department of Justice would keep a database of people who hold concealed-carry permits. Officers would be authorized to check the database to verify that a permit is valid and investigate whether someone lied in applying for a permit.

But police would not be allowed to check the database for routine assignments - for instance traffic stops, domestic disturbances and execution of search warrants - where such information could be a helpful tool in assessing the level of potential danger to an officer.

What a pile of stinking BS.

DeCecco is pre-maligning drivers who .....what.......are 8 MPH over the limit.......and therefore are going to pull a gun on the speed-cop?

I'm sure that the DA, who evidently has nothing to do with his time, can produce a long list of such problems from the other 48 States which allow concealed carry. /sarcasm

And while he's at it, maybe he can produce another really long list of CCW holders (who are screened for criminal backgrounds, remember) who suddenly went criminal and are subject to search-warrants at their homes or businesses. /sarcasm

And maybe Sheboygan cops are different from ANY other LEO agency, so they are not prepared for a serious reaction on DV cases?


Brad Schimel is as good a DA as any, as is Chisholm. Strange that only DeCecco finds these problems, eh?

Clarke agrees with me.

He agreed permit information would be a bonus, but he said even if it were available and connected to license plate information, it shouldn't change the way a good police officer operates.

"Nothing about this law changes the way an experienced street police officer is trained to approach any car during a traffic stop. You have limited information. That's why we train them to safely and tactically approach a vehicle to expect anything," he said. "If (they were) able to check this database and it says the guy doesn't possess a concealed-carry permit, that doesn't mean the guy's not armed. What if we ran a plate and one of the people in the back has a concealed permit? It doesn't say that."

By the way, there's a reason that Van Hollen is the State AG. His (R) opponent--an ex-Waukesha County DA--opposed CCW.

Apparently DeCecco wants to join the has-been parade.

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