Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Pubbies Are PO'd. No Deals Soon!

Very telling line from Tom Coburn, quoted by HotAir:

“He [Obama] should have been negotiating with these people for the last four or five months, rather than create a sense of somebody’s negotiating, and moving the ball every time somebody gets close. I think it is all about the 2012 election and not anything about our problems.”

That's called perfidy, and it's the very best way to anger your opponents. Coburn mentions that, too:

"I think if you want to work a deal the last thing you do is keep putting your finger in [Republicans'] eye[s] publicly and then go try to work a deal. What he needs to do is calm down his rhetoric, and roll up his sleeves, call in McConnell and Boehner and Reid, and say ‘Ok, guys, let’s stay here until we get something worked [out].’”

But he won't.

And that, my friends, is why he will lost the '12 election. It's becoming very clear that Obozo is simply Not Serious about the Presidency, in contrast to example.


neomom said...

2010 was all about the House and stopping the bleeding.

In 2012 we need to keep that, get serious with the Senate, and win the White House.

I don't think it will be easy to beat Obozo, but he is vulnerable.

btw - I was giddy over the NC General Assembly going full "R" for the first time since reconstruction last November. They actually cut spending by about $1.5B, but the big advantage is in redistricting - which our Gov can't veto. The maps were released yesterday... In 2010 Reps got more votes statewide than the Dems did, yet we have a 7-6 D-R delegation. It now looks to be 3Dem, 8 Reps, and 2 competitive. We just made it that much more difficult to re-crown Nancy.

Dad29 said...

Right ON!

Here, they're jiggering the map to keep Duffy (or any R) in Obey's old seat. Rest of them won't change much. Green Bay will stay a tossup, LaX will remain (D), as will Madistan and most of Milwaukee.

John Foust said...
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