Monday, July 18, 2011

Perry? A Few Serious Questions

Vox Day is not a fan of Rick Perry.

...The problem is that Perry is a faux conservative who is very much cut from the same globalist cloth as George W. Bush. He isn't a Republican so much as he is an opportunistic member of the bi-factional ruling party; he was the Texas campaign chairman for Al Gore's presidential campaign in 1988. No wonder the "conservative" media love him; it appears that about three-quarters of them are recent converts from the Democratic Party themselves. One reason the Republican Party and the conservative media never make any rightward progress is that both are heavily influenced by former Democrats and liberals who claim to have seen the light, but are always focused on pragmatic compromises rather than principled stands.

Gov. Perry has been a decent governor. Like another ex-Democratic governor, Ronald Reagan, he is good on taxes and bad on borrowing. However, his track record on parental rights and corporate corruption is an awful one, as can be seen by his 2007 executive order requiring $360 Gardasil vaccinations for all Texas girls over the age of 11. Nor did he lift a finger to stop his own State Department of Family and Protective Services when it ran wild in 2008 and kidnapped 468 children on the basis of a single false accusation made by a crazy woman in Colorado. I am not aware of Perry troubling to discipline any of his criminally wayward employees after the fact, either.

Well, as Rep. Duffy and Re. Kleefisch would say, 'a little Totalitarianism now and then is a good thing.'

Not quite what Jefferson said, but it'll do. We have elections to worry about.

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