Sunday, July 03, 2011

PBS Got the Hint, Skewers Fan/Fred

McCain opines that it is 'amazing' to see this on PBS.

8 minute video which is worth every second. Bawney beclowns himself (yah, I know); and at about 7:00, the really bad news is announced.

Ritholtz has argued, strenuously, that the faults in the mortgage mess were primarily with mortgage brokers (such as Countrywide) and banks (such as Chase), and the Fannie/Freddie contribution was secondary, mostly because they were late to the party.

But they were also the 800 pound canaries, and that means something.

For PBS to broadcast the segment is, indeed, amazing. Perhaps they've figured out that they shouldn't be Gummint shills 100% of the time. So they're down to only 95%.

And it's refreshing to note that the book's authors named names, including Gingrich. The video doesn't mention GWB, but he, too, was suckered by the Fan/Fred gang.


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