Monday, July 11, 2011

Merc Marine's Electric Request

Here's an interesting item.

Mercury Marine is the first Alliant Energy customer to seek a reduction in electric rates under a pilot program to retain distressed industrial firms in the state.Mercury asked Alliant last year for rates that would generate $4.8 million in savings during the next five years...

CUB isn't enthused.

The Citizens Utility Board, which represents 9,000 residential, small business and farmer members, opposes Alliant's request on behalf of Mercury. Since Alliant is entitled to "full rate recovery" for the discount it gives the firm, CUB said it's unfair to allow Alliant to make up its losses by charging smaller customers more.

...Alliant's shareholders should bear the expense of rate discounts, he added.

I think Higley's right. If Alliant wants the customer that badly, then it's on Alliant to make it happen--not everyone else.

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neomom said...

"...will necessarily skyrocket..."

Welcome to ObamaEnergyLand..

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