Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Koch Bros. Financing Xoff (!)

Get the details over here.


John Foust said...

Pecunia non olet, right, pops?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, this is almost as vile as accepting the sacraments from a pedophile priest!!

Deekaman said...

Guess that means Democrats are not only hypocrites, but Koch-suckers as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Deekaman, 15K, to the Democratic Governors Association, compared to $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. Yep, big hypocrites, those Dems. A FOREIGN SUBSIDIARY of Koch Industries, not the big wigs themselves, contributed less than 2% of what the brothers--who's father was the biggest hypocrite by helping the Soviets build their oil infrastructure in the 1930's, then claimed he was an anti-communist--actually donated to the GOP.

As if YOU, Deekaman, would refuse to take money from the cousin of your enemy. You're not that smart!

Deekaman said...

I'm not the one claiming the Kochs are "evil incarnate" because they supported Walker. Y'all are. Say what you want and believe how much "smarter" you are. You remain wrong in every facet of your life and beliefs. You have no point and no argument, so I'm done here.

At least Faust can bring something to the table.

Dad29 said...

Any truth to the rumor that Xoff's father was a Commie spying on US military operations?

Anonymous said...

Deekaman just took his ball and went home. Typical.

And, Dad29, Xoff's father was a double agent who worked for OUR government and ferreted out several KGB agents. Get your facts straight!

I can't help it that the elder Koch made a good deal of money by being involved in Stalin's first five-year plan.
He was a capitalist!

Dad29 said...

Just like Joe Kennedy. Nazis were good for his business!

But hey--nice smear technique.

And Deek's comment is dead-on; we don't view campaign donations as eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

By the way--if you claim that donations are so influential, then you are undoubtedly worried about George Soros' activities, no?

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

"Just like Joe Kennedy. Nazis were good for his business!"

Yep, just like Papa Koch, BOTH claimed to have scruples but were controlled by their lust for greed.
The left and the right have skeletons in their closets and demagogues in their midst!

"We don't view campaign donations as eeeeeeeevil."

Rrrrrright! If that was the case, you wouldn't be making a big hub-bub about Democrats being hypocritical for taking money from a Koch subsidiary and the eeeeeeevil unions and the Soros' of the worlds throwing around their cash to "sway" politicianselections. And you dare to make your comment with a straight face?

"By the way--if you claim that donations are so influential, then you are undoubtedly worried about George Soros' activities, no?

"Didn't think so."

Wow, now you can read minds? Of course I'm worried about his activities. But I thought you said that you didn't view campaign contributions as eeeeevil, right? Because, as we all know from the Citizens United ruling, money = free speech.

"But hey--nice smear technique".

Just trying to keep up from you, the master!

Dad29 said...

Our objective is to highlight the continual and gross hypocrisy of the Left/CPUSA gang. I know where (D) money comes from, and where (R) money comes from.

But somehow, only (R) money is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

And you have quite a ways to go to catch up with me.

Anonymous said...

"At least Faust can bring something to the table."

Dickaman now parroting dad's condescending exit lines. Priceless!

Deekaman said...

Wow. It took anon a long time to come up with that AMAZING bit of brilliance. One of the "Smart People", eh?

Anonymous said...

Different anony at 7:50 p.m. made that comment. Draw your ire upon him/her.

Dad29--"And you have quite a ways to go to catch up with me."

That's NOT something to be proudly pronounce in the eyes of the Lord.

Dad29 said...

The Lord speaks through you? Or ARE you "the Lord"?

You must be a Lefty, as your arrogance-quotient far exceeds your IQ.

John Foust said...

Come now, Dad29. You think your blog voice doesn't come across as "arrogant"? Your voice is, oh, "humble"?

Anonymous said...

Really? The Lord would wholeheartedly embrace your conduct at times? Talk about being conceited!

Dad29, you preach all the time about how things ought to be done via "the Lord" (at least, your interpretation of Him). Again, I'm just using the playbook you're running on your blog.