Thursday, July 21, 2011

The EEEEEEEEEEvil of Buying One's Office

We're waiting for the usual GooGoo suspects to decry this horrendous self-purchase of a public office.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s largely self-funded campaign last spring cost more than $1.4 million, including $1.1 million supplied by Abele, his latest campaign finance report shows. Abele added $100,000 of his own money during the final two weeks of the contest to the $1 million he contributed earlier, the report, filed late Wednesday, shows...



John Foust said...

I'm waiting for your explanation. Is it a good thing to buy an office like this?

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh, Dad29, wahhhh.

Those people entering politics today need wads of dough to get elected to major office positions. YOU make this assumption that some of the commentators here who have the gall to challenge your all-knowing authority think this process is "evil". Either people running for offfice use their own money to fund their campaign or they receive donations from outside groups. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. It's the way things are.

But I contend that our democracy is more impacted by the interest cash cows that make some politicians beholden to their whims, as opposed to a man/woman who self-funded their own campaign and is perhaps less likely to cater to the demands of those who donated.

Want to change our political system besides your mantra of "buy more ammo" or having voters get ride of the majority of "career politicians"--Democrat and Republican--from their "cushy" jobs"?

I'm all ears...