Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dodd-Frank: More "Needs", Eh?

When the Feds initiate "reforms," you can just start emptying your pockets like a Pavlov dog.

Dodd-Frank (never forget that Chris Dodd was a chattel property of the Big Banks, by the way.)

...implementation will require $1.25 billion in new spending. It’s not cheap marshaling an army of 2,800 newly minted federal bureaucrats wielding fresh power over the private sector. Over the next decade, businesses will shell out $27 billion in fees, assessments and tithes to their new regulatory masters, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates.

Here's the "Dodd Effect":

Far from getting rid of bailouts, Dodd-Frank institutionalized them. Title II empowered the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with “orderly liquidation” authority, giving the agency discretion to intervene between a financial institution and its creditors in any way it sees fit.

IOW, more un-indicted fraudsters, criminal negligents, and moral hazards.

...the big banks get to keep the rewards, but American taxpayers bear the risk.

Just what we "need."

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