Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apocalypse? Probably Not. That's What D.C. Fears!

Malkin cites a Reid speech in which Geithner serves as the talking dummy for Obozo. It reveals their REAL fear: that US citizens will simply continue living (albeit a bit less easily) without Gummint.

No debt deal?

The federal government would, in effect, go dark.

Paychecks for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and bases around the world could stop. FAA towers could shut down. So could the FBI and the CIA. Border crossings could close [well, that's one way to secure the border - DP]. Safety inspections of the food Americans eat and the cargo that enters our ports could halt. Literally every function of government could cease.

There would be no discussion of which operations and personnel were essential. All the payments would likely stop.

Umnnnhhhhh, yah.......

Geithner/Harry seem to think that when "inspections stop" that food will no longer be available; and that when "towers shut down" planes will no longer fly.

They assume that US private citizens and businesses won't do what they SHOULD do: maintain commerce and industry regardless of the absence of Gummint flies and cockroaches. Can States, locals, and private citizens fill in for Fed functionaries and bureaucrats?

In a lot of cases the answer is yes.

The REAL fear these bozos have is that the US will find that it can, indeed, get along just fine without Gummint--albeit that there are some things which will be messy, or even ugly.

You can shut it down now, or shut down the entire US in 10 years.

Got ammo?

Afterthought: those lemonade cops in Appleton and other places are representative of exactly what we'd be missing if the Feds disappeared.

Helluva loss, eh?

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