Monday, July 11, 2011

Ace Headline on Ryan Wine Incident

Here's how Ace headlines it:

Drunken Angry Cow Who Yells At Strangers In Public Won't Comment Further On Her Antisocial Behavior

'Nuff said.

Except, later in the essay, he has this:

If only she had been able to restrain her unreasoning, unquenchable hatred, perhaps if she were capable of being rational and cool, she could have avoided her little psychosexual cartharsis of confronting the guy she secretly wishes to have sex with, and maybe he wouldn't have put it on his credit card, and then maybe she'd have an actual story

Maybe Ace is a "mysoginist," eh?


neomom said...

I think I still qualify as a woman - even if Amanda Marcotte probably wouldn't think so...

but i find Ace hiliarious - not a mysoginist.

John Foust said...

Actually, I think Cindy spelled it correctly as "one misogynistic jerk".