Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wowzers!! Wisconsin Budget

It's about what one would expect from an honest public servant, and it's what Walker delivered.

The State will no longer be Santa-and-Fairy-Godmother to profligate schools and municipalities. (Milwaukee and Milwaukee, respectively.) The State will no longer hog-tie UW-Madison with silly Legislative and bureaucratic claptrap. (Nass, are you listening?)

The State will no longer extract the gold fillings from its taxpayers' teeth in order to subsidize the lifestyles of the benefit-besotted.

And the State will have only 1/10th of its budget-cycle overdraft at the end of 2 years. (Doyle, Thompson, are you embarrassed?)

Philosophically, I do not like Walker's 'cap' of property-taxes. That's a slap at the principle of subsidiarity, which would allow municipals and schools to tax their OWN constituents at any rate they choose. On the other hand, the 'cap' will prevent hangings of local officials who raise taxes to accomodate *cough* certain *cough* Special Interests (PEU folks, do you hear this?)

Let's hope that the Governor, in his next budget, allows locals to tax-at-will. Then, when Milwaukee and Madison are emptied of inhabitants, there will be truly affordable housing!!

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