Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Starving" Marty Beil's Mewling Mantra

It's kinda cute to hear $160K/year Marty Beil mewling and whining about 'democracy' and 'starving.'

"You hear from Walker and his people that these are out-of-state provocatuers," Beil said. "These are Wisconsinites. It's absolutely mind boggling for him and his Republican Legislators not to listen to these people."

Umnnhh.....frankly, your screeching is all we HAVE heard for the last 3 weeks.

And Marty---there was an election. The (R) Party earned its majority and Governor's slot by campaigning for the right sort of changes.

In other words, Marty, the Pubbies listened very well, indeed. But they listened to the voters, not to foot-stamping tantrums.

"If Walker thinks he can starve us out economically he is wrong," Beil said

Somehow, I don't think you or your folks will "starve," Marty.


Deekaman said...

It's the usual,"blah, blah, blah".

I don't know who looks more stupid right now. Millionaires and billionaires arguing over football, cowardly Fleebaggers whining about "not having a voice" or a guy making 6-figures complaining about "starvation".

Am I the only one seeing the irony here?

Anonymous said...

And the fact of the matter is the only sacrifice Marty Beil, Mary Bell and Richard Trumka have ever made is the buttons on their pants after bellying up to the union feed trough...

Amy said...

Forget collective bargaining. I think these people are shooting for Academy Award nominations for best performance in a drama...