Friday, March 18, 2011

Soros = Halliburton


Obozo assists Petrobras. Petrobas finds oil, makes its shareholders rich.

Shareholder in Petrobras?

George Soros.


Anonymous said...

It's called the American way. Deal with it. That's how the Koch Brothers, the Bushies, and other corporatocrats--liberal or conservative--"earned" their money. Who cares!

VSO said...

But according to the drive-bys and mainscream media, it's "evil" when conservatives or republicans do it, but "good" when commie libs do it. That's what is defined as "hypocrisy" which NOT the "American Way".

TerryN said...

Double standards are no standards.

Anonymous said...

Terry--You mean when Dad29 says he opposes sodomy, but allows an anony to post messages advocating it against a blogging rival?