Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The "Rights" of Public Employees

Bet you didn't know that these are "rights" subject to bargaining for State-Pampered Employees.

...When a local union meets the following conditions are subject to bargaining:

1. lighting,

2. vision care and examinations,

3. noise,

4. chairs,

5. desks,

6. footrests,

7. adjustable terminals and keyboards,

8. work environment design (wall cover, carpet, windows),

9. room temperature,

10. Starting of vehicles during cold weather is subject to collective bargaining.

11. Paid time off to donate blood.

12. Viagara

The DECOR of the OFFICE? What, extra pay if avocado is present?

Need to adjust the angle of the dangle of the keyboard? Try matchbooks, twit. Too cold? Too hot? Is the color of the desk or chair passe?

Rights, eh? Right up there with "life, liberty, happiness."

And for WEAC and the AFSCME, these "rights" trump the right to life.

HT: Sykes

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