Thursday, March 17, 2011

Need a SWAT Team? Call Anyone in Gummint!


And the Agriculture Department (!!???)

All have SWAT teams.

(Not to mention all the local and State-level SWAT teams.)

No wonder the AR-15 accessory business is so damn good.

Oh, yah, you pay for them.


jimspice said...

OK, how about a little honesty. What would your reaction be if Pres. Obama attempted to consolidate all the SWAT teams into one unit, available to be dispatched for any federal need.

My guess? You'd scream "LOOK! The fascist created his own brown shirts and eliminated anyone that could oppose them!!!"

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

Dad29 said...

Your analysis is flawed. While consolidation is the right move, REDUCING the number of teams is the goal.

And yes, it would look a lot like a Federal/Presidential private army.

jimspice said...
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jimspice said...

Well, I wouldn't exactly call my comment an analysis, but yes I could have been more clear. I meant scale down through consolidation.

But if a conservative president did it, it would be OK? If not, why did you bring it up it it's a bad idea?

Dad29 said...

First off, I don't think that the USA needs several thousand SWAT teams.

I don't have a problem with some reasonable amount of Fed SWAT teams--say 25-30 for the entire country. THEY can be supplemented, as needed, by State/local teams.

What we're seeing, however, is an inordinate 'militarization' of police agencies, and that is really the core issue. The secondary issue is 'number' of the teams.

BTW, it's reasonable to guess that GWB had most--if not all--of these teams in place.

I don't like it, no matter who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

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