Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Murder Rate Down, Shootings Continue

Elementary facts.

On TV ... Everybody shoots and no one gets killed; someone gets shot, falls down and dies; or someone clutches their shoulder and tell their police partner I’ll be alright, take care of her. In real life, unless someone’s shot in the head ... they are not going to die straight away. And maybe not even then. And maybe not later, either. Ask any ER staff member: most gunshot victims survive.

That's the reason that the "murder rate" goes down: much better ER procs and treatment.

It's also a reason FOR a CCW law in Wisconsin.

By the way, four States now have "no license" CCW laws. Wisconsin should join them.


Dan said...

Don't forget the paramedics and other first responders.
but with survival also comes the quality of life issues. Take Gabby Giffords- she survived her gun shot wounds but will never be the same- she will be lucky to be able to talk or think above an elementary school level.

TerryN said...

Figures lie and liars figure. Anybody surprised?

Anonymous said...

Surprised you're re-tweeting phrases you picked up on today's blogs? Nah.