Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More Good News in Walker Budget

Observed by people who keep track of this stuff:

Governor Walker’s 2011-2013 biennial budget bill eliminates family planning funding under the Title V Maternal and Child Health program, repeals a current law mandate forcing public and private health insurers to cover contraceptives and removes men aged 15-44 from the Medicaid Family Planning Waiver Program.

IOW, Planned Parenthood will have to find private funding for its agenda.



Paul - Berry Laker said...


Walker does do what he says.

The libs must be going crazy right now.

Amy said...

This is, of course, assuming it will pass. Something the Democrats won't allow.

They clearly prefer economic ruin and bankruptcy.

Anonymous said... savings in the budget thru this cut? Peanuts. Symbolic value to dads and amys out in manure country? OMG!!

If you think Scooter can kneecap the middle class, "family planning" becomes irrelevant and you won't have to worry about it anyway. It's savings you were already going to have, regardless of the bill. Folks like dad are aroused by this social engineering lab test, regardless of its obvious failure to solve any more than 7 percent of the deficit. Next? I'll bet the energy corps could match the public union sacrifices twice over. Now you're getting somewhere.

As it stands, only rich slackers will be able to afford any "family planning." Like they really care.