Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Koch Bros. Demoted

Such a brief life in the sunshine, and now Koch Bros. are only #2, at best.

Next up: JPMorgan Chase.

The first video at the link gets interesting around 3:00 at the mention of "Madison." But listen carefully to the words surrounding "Madison"--then listen again. Something odd about the way that comes up.

Anyhow, Dimon's bunch is next.

First HT goes to VerumSerum.

Stacy McCain has even more here.

One more thing: is it just happenstance that the trouble will begin on May Day?


steveegg said...

Not happenstance at all. After all, May Day is the Communist "high holy" day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, egg, those "communists" were able to achieve the 8 hour work day, workman's compensation, the minimum wage, etc. I'm sure business owners in the late 1800's/early 1900's would have eventually come to their senses, for the common good, and made those reforms on their own.

So, why don't you give up those economic rights and see how far you make it in this world.

Moreover, May Day is not relegated to just the labor movement.