Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Forever Secret: Obama's Big Pharma Meetings

There are some things that the American public simply should not know, right?

The White House has rejected a request from the House Energy and Commerce committee for information about "every meeting, briefing or telephone call" the administration had with non-governmental parties in the lead up to, and wake of, passage of the health care law. --TPM quoted at Examiner

Obama's meetups with Big Pharma, hospitals, and the docs.

A little secrecy now and then, some profits, a little cheese for every mouse.

What do YOU care, peasant?


Amy said...

Ah, thank goodness this is the most transparent administration ever! /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Even I cannot argue this one away based on the sources provided, as well as other links I went to.

I'm sure, however, that Dad29, Amy, etc. were all in a tizzy when Cheney conducted his secret meetings with energy executives and immediately demanded for transparency on his part, right?

Here's a lefty lambasting Obama...