Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fitzgerald and Cullen: The Capitol Gang Re-Forms

Senator Cullen, a certified Capitol Insider, has introduced an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution which would reduce quorum-requirement to a simple majority when dealing with 'fiscal issues.'

In other words, Cullen is shifting the blame to "the system" rather than where it belongs: the juvenile delinquents--himself included--who attempted to bring governance to a halt last month.

Nice mis-direction, Tim. You could have grown a spine a few weeks ago and showed up for a vote; instead, you choose to weaken the Constitution's protections of Wisconsin citizens.

Even more puzzling is Fitzgerald's co-sponsorship of the measure. Sure, Fitzgerald wants "comity" and "reconciliation," and isn't it nice for all of us to 'get along'?

Well, no. This is "comity" in the bi-partisan Ruling Class which will work to the detriment of Wisconsin citizens and taxpayers. (Surprise!!!)

We remind Fitzgerald that we have not forgotten Tommy (the Spender) Thompson any more than we have not forgotten Jim (The Taxer) Doyle. The Ruling Class' bi-partisan ruin of the State's finances over the last 30 years and the Ruling Class' bi-partisan imposition of more and more Government should not be supported by Fitzgerald.

The Cullen amendment should be defeated, soundly.

UPDATE: Sykes thinks this is a stupid idea, too. But Sykes never mentioned Fitzgerald's co-sponsorship. Hmmmmm. Sen. Vukmir agrees with us, per Sykes' interview with her.

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Anonymous said...

"But Sykes never mentioned Fitzgerald's co-sponsorship. Hmmmmm..."

Could it be that Sykes is a partisan hack who refuses to "out" his boyzzz no matter what the circumstance or situation?

Maybe you could have also slapped Sykes silly for not doing his job. Righhhhtttt.