Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everybody Agrees: It's The SPENDING, Stupid!

Interesting poll from WaPo, relayed by RedState.

If you are keeping score at home, you just heard a left-wing activist admit that 95% of the public believes spending cuts are the best way to reduce the deficit, whether or not that plan also includes tax hikes. Going to the poll itself, only 3% believe the best way to cut the deficit is simply raising taxes. And what’s more, that’s the public - not likely voters or even registered voters, but all adults. Which is one reason why the entire poll is garbage (”all adults” don’t vote for issues; voters vote for candidates).

The poll may be 'garbage,' but the sentiment ought to be clear, even to such boneheads as Boehner and Reid.

Think they'll get it?


Teresa said...

Boehner and Reid better start implementing real spending cuts or at our next chance the voters will make sure both get the boot. Deep tax cuts are needed and what Republicans were voted in to do last November. We need to hold their feet to the fire.

neomom said...

The answer is... no, they won't get it.

RAG said...

The problem with spending cuts is that people in general say they want them but when it comes time for the ax to fall on their favorite program, watch out! Same for if services have to be reduced.

Also, seldom will the cuts be imposed on big ticket pork spending. (We all know what "pork" is, right? "Pork" is when it's in some other guy's district but it's fodder for a congratulatory press release when it's in yours!)

On the flip side, we need a strong defense and have not adequately funded it. Military engagements aren't cheap.