Thursday, March 03, 2011

Even MORE Good Walker-Budget News

The fact, alone, that the Sierra Club doesn't like Walker's budget is good news. Since they are in high dudgeon about it, we read their press release.

Lo and behold!! Your clothes and dishes will be cleaner under Walker's budget!!

Finally, provisions to rollback rules to control phosphorus pollution threaten to wipe out the delicate agreement among agricultural groups, municipalities, and environmentalists that was achieved last year

.....Sierra yips and yaps about $1++Billion in cost of algae-blooms, yadayadayada.

But not about the cost of doing your laundry twice, nor of running the dishwasher twice AND burning hot water in pre-scrubbing the dishes.

BTW, the Effete Elites of Madison are prancing, dancing, and twirling insults:

"Symbolic value to dads and amys out in manure country? "

Well, we don't wear sequin-loaded underalls....

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Andrew K said...

Doesn't matter. In states where you phosporus additives are legal, you still can't buy it. The companies say it's uneconomical to make products for certain states.