Friday, March 18, 2011

Coulter, Cohen, and Cobalt

Wouldn't you love to do a little hormesis with Ann Coulter?

For those of you who freak out over "radon" Ann has a *cough* dose of reality.

I became aware of Prof. Cohen at U of Pittsburgh around 30 years ago. He's the genuine article in contrarian thought because he actually practices what he preaches.

And that Chernobyl event? Read the facts:

...even the Soviet-engineered disaster at Chernobyl in 1986 can be directly blamed for the deaths of no more than the 31 people inside the plant who died in the explosion. Although news reports generally claimed a few thousand people died as a result of Chernobyl -- far fewer than the tens of thousands initially predicted -- that hasn't been confirmed by studies.

Indeed, after endless investigations, including by the United Nations, Manhattan Project veteran Theodore Rockwell summarized the reports to Bethell in 2002, saying, "They have not yet reported any deaths outside of the 30 who died in the plant."

Even the thyroid cancers in people who lived near the reactor were attributed to low iodine in the Russian diet -- and consequently had no effect on the cancer rate.

Meanwhile, the animals around the Chernobyl reactor, who were not evacuated, are "thriving," according to scientists quoted in the April 28, 2002 Sunday Times (UK).

The Moor Downs of Waukesha, by the way, was founded and thrived on radiation treatments.

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