Friday, March 18, 2011

BATFE Management Is Totally Out of Control

If you thought that the "Gunrunner" incident was stupid (not to mention flagrantly illegal and an affront to Mexico's sovereignty, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

It appears that the best thing that could happen to BATFE would be to simply fire every single person in its management ranks and combine the agency with the FBI (or something.)

A couple of excerpts from the long, long, letter which should get your attention are provided by Arms/Law:

"A Special Agent attempts to resist an investigation using unlawful wiretaps. The Special Agent openly challenges and reports it to superiors. After 20 + years of exemplary service, the next 1 ½ years results in the Special Agent and his family being transferred 5 times, suspended for 3 days, attempts made to have a psyche evaluation conducted, 2 letters of reprimand, and ultimately a termination."

"Complainants or those who would challenge unethical and/or illegal acts by Special Agents in Charge or senior managers are often threatened with collecting their next pay check in Fargo, North Dakota or Anchorage, Alaska."

It's interesting that BATFE management specializes in abusing their employees, not ordinary US citizens.

It's easier, I suppose.

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