Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ahhh, the Satisfying Burp of Crony Capitalists

The wordplay here is wonderful, if a little exceptionable:

Recently, President Obama selected General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to chair his Economic Advisory Board. GE is awash in windmills waiting to be subsidized so they can provide unreliable, expensive power.

Consequently, and soon after his appointment, Immelt announced that GE will buy 50,000 Volts in the next two years, or half the total produced. Assuming the corporation qualifies for the same tax credit, we (you and me) just shelled out $375,000,000 to a company to buy cars that no one else wants so that GM will not tank and produce even more cars that no one wants. And this guy is the chair of Obama's Economic Advisory Board? --Patrick Michaels quoted at PowerLine

That will be half of the expected production of the Volt. Don't worry, there are plenty available. Normal people have only purchased about 1,000 of the damn things in the last 90 days or so. Hint: don't buy one if you live in a northern climate. The heater isn't worth spit.

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