Monday, February 14, 2011

What's Really Happening in Madison

While Recess Supervisor and I agree on (perhaps) two or three issues--and there, very narrowly indeed--he does provide a smart analysis of the Walker/Union contretemps.

...Any smart political player knows that it is almost always, without fail, wise to keep an iron in the fire on both sides of the aisle. Doing so gives you an opportunity to advance your cause regardless of which party happens to be in power. In Wisconsin, that pendulum of power swings pretty fast.

WEAC, however, decided long ago that it was so confident in its position that it was only going to play nice with one party.

More at the link, worth the (short) read.

What RS did NOT mention was AFSCME, the other 800-lb. gorilla in State/Local politics. And I would argue that AFSCME did exactly what WEAC did.

Too bad for them.

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