Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What of "Freedom"?

Shcharansky speaks of the dawn:

It was the great brilliant moment when we learned that Ronald Reagan had proclaimed the Soviet Union an Evil Empire before the entire world. There was a long list of all the Western leaders who had lined up to condemn the evil Reagan for daring to call the great Soviet Union an evil empire right next to the front-page story about this dangerous, terrible man who wanted to take the world back to the dark days of the Cold War. This was the moment. It was the brightest, most glorious day. Finally a spade had been called a spade. Finally, Orwell's Newspeak was dead. President Reagan had from that moment made it impossible for anyone in the West to continue closing their eyes to the real nature of the Soviet Union.

It was one of the most important, freedom-affirming declarations, and we all instantly knew it.

Not "dead." It's alive and living--in the MSM and today's White House.

HT: CMR, quoting the Weekly Standard


Anonymous said...

Amen brother

Grim said...

It's a high and fine thing to hear the truth spoken.