Friday, February 04, 2011

We Know the Effect...

....what could POSSIBLY be the cause?

...D.C. suburbs now make up six of the 10 richest counties in America, including the top three.

New Census data shows that the D.C. area has grown faster than anywhere else in the past decade. Three D.C. suburbs, led by Arlington County, were among the four municipalities showing the greatest income gains over the period measured between Censuses, 2000-2009. The median household income in Arlington County increased $12,705 in that timespan.

Could it be the number of Goldman Sachs bloodsuckers?

The number of chauffers?

Gee. What COULD it be??

HT: AmSpec


Anonymous said...

Um, it's called capitalism and achieving the American Dream.

Anonymous said...

same principal applies on a smaller scale regarding Wisconsin and Madison.

so much statewide wealth plundered by the Dems... so little returned. And that little bit that is returned enshrouded and contaminated by 'social programs'.

Walker can't make changes fast enough

Jim said...

Ummm, lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

Plastic Ron bought some property close to work?

Saint Revolution said...

Theft, corruption, malfeasance, and graft is NOT Capitalism.
Grossly bloatedly overpaid and under-"checked-and-balanced" government salaries are NOT Capitalism.
Corrupt thieving conniving conspiratorial government is NOT The American Dream.

And douchebag comment(s)(ator(s)) like "Anonymous" up there at "2/04/2011 12:24 PM" has his head so far up his saddle let his tax money be defrauded...OR SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM!