Monday, February 07, 2011

"Social Justice"? Or Schemes?

Robert Royal presents a mild dissent.

...Old school Catholics learned that justice comes in three forms: commutative, the just exchange between two parties, on which all other forms depend; distributive, which requires that goods and services be reasonably distributed in the community (This is different from redistribution; redistributionist schemes in the twentieth century led to quite unjust, even tyrannical regimes); and the general justice enshrined in law.

Social justice crept in under the same assumptions as socialism, Marxism, and other kinds of social engineering: the belief that there is some “scientific” analysis of society that allows us to establish “programs” and “systems” (two words that always demand close scrutiny) that will produce social justice. In this perspective, all that is missing is will – and advocates usually suggest that dark forces, namely business people, are the only obstacles....

Ah, yes. Nietzsche!

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Speaking of justice, I was just curious if Dad29 has any interest in or opinions about distributism. Gracias.