Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ryan's "Cut" Takes a Licking

That "$32 Billion is just like $100Bn" stuff from Paul Ryan is getting whacked.

Not--note well--by an ex-Government type (Hillyer) who wrote the AmSpec post. He plays the old "OMG it will be a disaster" card. 1990's thinking remains strong in DC.

But the bashing is by the commenters, who not only beat up on Ryan for his spending-votes (some of which are his district, others are GWBush-licking), but for his anemic number.

Hewitt was also all over Ryan tonight.

It is NOT a co-incidence that Sensenbrenner lost a Patriot Act-saving vote today.

The lines are being drawn.


steveegg said...

Looks like the commenters won one - John Boehner just reaffirmed a "$100 billion" cut for FY2011 last night at CPAC. Details were lacking, but I expect that to be against Obama's FY2011 non-security requests. Even if that's the case, once security spending is added back in, that's roughly a $75 billion cut versus FY2010.

neomom said...

So what's with the NOT denying ObamaCare funding in a continuing resolution that the Tea Party folks are sending out a call-to-phones and e-mails about?

These guys are looking awfully squishy and will have the pitchfork mobs if they aren't careful.