Wednesday, February 02, 2011

REAL Snowblower

Since it's copyrighted, here's the link to the picture.

The Oshkosh Truck Corp. H-series snowblower!! What REAL men use on their driveways!!

...the high-speed version throws as much as 5000 tons of snow an hour as far as 200 feet while ripping through the bad weather at speeds up to 35 mph. That's about 1.4 tons—a Chevy Cobalt—per second.

The truck is powered by a rear-mounted 470-hp, 15.2-liter Caterpillar C-15 turbo-diesel inline six feeding an Allison four-speed automatic transmission that then turns an all-wheel-drive system. The engine that blows the snow is a 650-hp, 15.8-liter Caterpillar C-16 turbo-diesel inline six, mounted amidships, that stirs a two-speed reduction gearset to turn the impeller between about 300 and 350 rpm, ...

Made in Wisconsin. What else is there to know??

Although it's a little large for my garage......of course, I could evict a couple of chilluns and re-arrange the home-interior to fit, right?


GOR said...

I could have used that today. One pass and the driveway (600 feet) is done!

Paul - Berry Laker said...


I need one of those if I get any snow up here.

Take care

J. Strupp said...

Where does my broom handle go when the outlet gets clogged with snow? Your technology scares me.

Guess I'll stick with my 2HP Yardman.

Dad29 said...


Are you Nancy Pelosi? Or do you own a VERY old Mauser pistol?


The outlet will not get clogged with snow so long as you apply a good coat of paste-wax to the chute every season.

J. Strupp said...

Haha. You sound like my father-in-law "dad"ster.

I've since upgraded from the Yardman but I thought still throw that out there since I spent the good part of 3 winters uncloggging that piece of crap.

You think Queen Nancy still snowblows the driveway?

Tim Morrissey said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Somewhat surprising that the engine used to throw the snow is far more powerful than the one that powers the drive wheels of the behemoth.