Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Priebus' Augean Stables

Reince Priebus has fired a number of RNC officers, which is a good start.

Zmirak has a few things to say in that regard, albeit indirectly.

...We survivors of the Pitchfork Brigades have many reasons to feel vindicated by the rise of the Tea Party movement. When we quixotically challenged a sitting president for the nomination of his own party in 1992, we were cast (as the media still tries to paint the Tea Party people) as malignant, futile cranks. The game in Republican primaries has long been rigged in favor of insiders and incumbents -- a fact that flummoxed us in 1976 when Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford. The vigor of Buchanan's candidacy forced the party to give him a speaking role at the 1992 convention...

It shouldn't have surprised us that Establishment watch-pugs like William Bennett jumped up to denounce Buchanan, even though all Pat did was say in plain, Anglo-Saxon words the same things about the "culture wars" that they themselves liked to say in long-winded, Latinate paragraphs.

...Buchanan had attempted to shake up the cronyist, insider-dominated world of Republican party politics, and this infuriated its numberless, overpaid apparatchiks.

He wastes no love on GWB and Rove, either:

About the nomination of a one-term governor from Texas whose sole qualification was the fact that he was the legitimate heir of the last Republican king, the less said the better. Insiderism and oligarchy reigned supreme in Republican circles by 2000, and once Bush was in power he gave Karl Rove free reign to pour RNC money into primary races to quash the candidacies of insurgent conservatives -- especially those who didn't sign on to Rove's von Schlieffen plan of flooding America with Mexicans, in the hope that they would gratefully vote Republican

Not to mention GWB's belief that we could bomb Baghdad into the 21st Century (another Zmirak line.)

Plenty to do, Reince...

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