Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Planned Parenthood's Big Trouble

You may have heard that Planned Parenthood takes $300 million/year (or so) from US taxpayers and in turn provides abortions. Killing babies for profit!!!

But they provide so much more!

...In the video, which begins by reminding viewers that sex trafficking for minors – or aiding, abetting, or counseling such activity – is a federal crime that carries a sentence of 10 years to life, the Live Action operative gets a cheery reception from Planned Parenthood’s clinic manager. She agrees to provide secret abortions and birth control for his underage prostitutes, and offers him not only assistance for avoiding legal entanglements, but even gives him business advice.

"White slavery", ....trafficking, .....minors, .......

PP's kinda like a one-stop-shopping center. At the link you'll find that PP's counselor was VERY helpful, even providing helpful hints on cash-flow generation for girls who are 'temporarily out of service'.

No wonder PP asked the FBI to investigate the film-maker, eh?


John Foust said...

You fell for James O'Keefe's selectively-edited ACORN videos, too, right?

Jim said...

I read that the full version shows that the employee was acting counter to the rules and normal practices of the clinic and was clearly telling the hoaxers how to avoid the clinic's higher ups to circumvent the rules. Also, the video shows the employee telling the hoaxers to go somewhere else for abortions.

Anonymous said...

I hope they file charges! Or at least fire that immoral waste of space. Some of these people take "protecting minors from STD's and pregnancy" too far, sure, give them the services they need but call the freakin' cops a.s.a.p! It is policy to report if the minor is with a "pimp' or if the boyfriend is a statutory rapist. I support the fact that parents don't need to be informed of services, otherwise the kids wouldn't go but the law needs to get involved when someone is trafficking our children.

Dani said...

Are these "hoaxers" just trying to shut down Planned Parenthood? That would be Ridiculous and it won't work. By committing fraud, they ruin their credibility, all pro-lifer's do. I support making sure the rules are followed so kids aren't having babies who will possibly die of the S.T.D.s the mother has and who knows what kind of miserable, short life they would have had. I know pro-lifers aren't big "thinkers" but they should try.

Dad29 said...

Well. Good to know you're on Quality-of-Life patrol!

...and that you've read your Victor Hugo.

Ponder being ripped apart until you're dead.

That's the "brutish" part you forgot from Hugo; and it doesn't even take much thinking.

Now go sell your Girl Scout cookies like a good little girl.