Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obozo Losing the MSM?

At some point in time, this HAD to happen. The MSM (of all entities!!) is no longer in full-worship-status.

Sykes has the reax. One of note:

New York Times: “What Mr. Obama’s budget is most definitely not is a blueprint for dealing with the real long-term problems that feed the budget deficit

And that's gently-worded compared to the rest.

I noticed that the MSM was peeling away from Obama-worship about 2 months ago. One suspects that even the MSM couldn't stand the ObozoCare mess. Not the fact that it exists, but the methods employed in making it happen.

Or it could be the case that editors and reporters actually CAN add and subtract and have found that Obozo's unicorns-and-foofoodust budget projections and debt-pile-on games are simply crap.

And editors and reporters do NOT like to eat crap.

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