Tuesday, February 01, 2011

No Cheating on Tests, Right??

You all remember Mrs. Stonebreaker emphasizing that students caught cheating on tests would get a zero, or be expelled, or be deported to Siberian salt-mines, or something, right?

School principals told institute researchers that they knew of teachers who gamed the system by giving gift cards of $50 to $75 to other teachers to write their professional development plans for license renewal and paying off review committee members to sign off on those plans, according to the report.

Yup. Ms. Stonebreaker IS the cheater.

On the other hand....

...[the] system that is so overly bureaucratic - requiring the enforcement of 884 code points for preparation programs across the state - that it is virtually impossible to oversee, Schug contends. Because of this, aspects of the licensing regime are left to individual teachers seeking licensure and relicensing,...

No room-proctor, see?

Calls for another layer of WEAC folks, I suppose.

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