Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hey!! It Snowed!!

Well. (See 12:30 PM update below...)

We're certainly not in bad shape compared to City of Milwaukee (or Racine/Kenosha) folks; here, the plows only block the driveway, not the entire car. It'll take about 1 hour to clear the (short) driveway and uncover the vehicle that's out there. Not bad at all, especially since I've already determined which of the chilluns will shovel which part of the snow. (heh.)

We did get a report from Dallas: temperature there is now around 20 degrees, and a large part of Irving is without electricity. Since DFW-area buildings are not exactly winter-resistant, that may become a problem.

Drifting is as bad as I've ever seen it, but that's "relatively speaking". Since there was not a lot of snow on the ground in the first place, the drifts over the driveway are not exceptionally deep. If there is another 5-6" snowfall with decent winds in the next week or 10 days, it will be nasty.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to (supervise) Shoveling I Go!!

UPDATE: I'm considering hanging up my 'labor-estimating' spikes. Actual clearance took just under 3 hours, not 1. But then, we also cleaned up a neighbor's drive AND re-did the drive-end, as the municipal plow did exactly what he's done every storm to date: wait until I blow out the drive, THEN re-plow the street.


Tim Morrissey said...

I long for the days when I had two "built-in" shovel-units. Now, it's just me, da wife, and the new Toro.

Deekaman said...

3 hours here, too. Plus raking the roof. I'm beat.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

HA! We logged over four man hours.

Roof raking, porch clearing, driveways, and the neighbor's too!

Of course, I had a whiskey and coke along for the endeavor.

Dan said...

Having a BBQ tonight. May sit in the whirlpool which is about 100 degrees outside.
Now I know why I moved to Vegas.
It wasn't for the show girls.

neomom said...

I was just thinking it would be in bad taste to mention it was sunny and 70 here today, but Dan takes the prize for being obnoxious about weather on this one.

Deekaman said...

@Dan & Neo: Y'all are just jealous YOU don't get to freeze your asses off while exerting to near heart-attack levels only to have the plow come through just as you finish.