Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eeeeeevil Sleepers!

Now and then you wonder "What in Hell is the matter with these people?"

"Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington" takes this year's prize...

A Washington ethics watchdog says it's time for Congress to crack down on lawmakers who sleep in their offices rather than pay for a place to live.

Rep. Paul Ryan, who represents all of Racine County, has slept in his office for years.

Reacting to a surge in congressmen bunking down in their work spaces, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington wants the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether the politicians are getting an unfair tax break and violating their own rules by making personal use of public resources.

Uh, yah. Sure. That's a crisis, alright. Prolly more a threat than Chavez and whats-a-dinner-jacket in Iran. Yup. Get right on it.

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Anonymous said...

If Ryan is claiming any sort of per diem for lodging, and sleeps in his office/showers in the gym, I hope Darrell Issa takes a close look at it.