Thursday, December 16, 2010

Woopsie! You're Banko Due to Junk Science! So Sorry!!

In the San Joachin Valley, some farmers ate the Green Weenie.

A federal judge has ruled that a landmark 2008 environmental study laying the groundwork for controversial water cutbacks from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta relied on faulty science

...The agency’s solution for shoring up the collapsing species – namely cutting water exports to California cities and farms – is “arbitrary” and “capricious,” the Fresno judge wrote in his 225-page decision

The decision will not retroactively restore lost earnings to the farmers, nor to hundreds of 'not-employed' farmhands.

But there's always cake!

HT: Gateway

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Deekaman said...

I'm pretty sure there is a lawyer out there willing to bring suit against the enviro-whackos who drove this to the EPA. And there is plenty Soros money to be had.