Thursday, December 02, 2010

Who's Blocking the Manhattan Declaration App?

Well, well.

Seems that the Manhattan Declaration people (which includes Abp. Timothy Dolan of NYC) are on the enemies list...

of the homosexual lobby.

Apple's app removal processes have always been a little blurry, but over the Thanksgiving holiday, tTe company made one point clear: The App Store is no place for homophobia

Thus yipped some Streisand-admirer from the bowels of ComputerWorld. created an online petition to remove the Manhattan Declaration app, and explained that the app "espouses hateful and divisive language." The app was originally rated 4+ -- meaning it contained "no objectionable material" -- but after collected more than 7,700 signatures, Apple pulled the app.

Ooooh. 7,000 signatures! That's about as many as the ChooChoo pushers got in the last few weeks here in Wisconsin. Ooooooh.

Manhattan claims more than 7,000 counter-petition signatures, but says its servers are swamped. There may be more available to Manhattan.

As to the "homophobic screeds" of Manhattan:

The Manhattan Declaration claims that heterosexual marriage is the only righteous choice and that deviating from the traditional undermines "the dignity of marriage."

The group describes gay marriage as an "erosion" of godliness and says that homosexuality is "immoral conduct." Dodge blame with semantics all you want -- the Manhattan Declaration couldn't be more transparent in its denunciation.

How did Coulter phrase it?

"...a small percentage of gays are going to be narcissistic hothouse flowers like Bradley Manning."

And, we might add, the CW contributor.

Apple, of course, doesn't have to reverse its decision.

And 100 million++ Americans who 'bitterly cling to Bibles and guns' don't have to purchase Apple products.


Anonymous said...

I thought only liberals were the ones to claim persecution.

From religious point of view, feel free to promote how homosexuality is sinful.

From a non-religious perspective, who freaking cares about the sexual preferences or actions of human beings and whether a litmus test be used to determine who and who cannot serve their country honorably and with distinction.

And, Ann Coulter, please spare me the sweeping generalizations about the "gay" lifestyle. I wouldn't doubt it if she was the female version of Roy Cohn.

Dad29 said...

You said it: "..who freaking cares."

Which should be Apple's attitude. But Apple can do what they want.