Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Years of "You're a Hater/Nazi/Neanderthal"

Van Jones is not stupid, and he's driving the bus for the Radical Left.

...They are gaming, and gaming hard to win the hearts and minds of the public. Think about it. Every time they mention Republicans behind a microphone they are demonizing them as racists, terrorists, hostage-takers, selfish white men, slurpee-drinking incompetent boobs, etc. And for the next 2 years, who will they say is governing? We all know that Republicans can’t pass major legislation because they don’t have the Senate or the Executive, but the Democrats will do their damnedest to make it look like the Republicans are so extreme that they can’t get anything done. They will work even harder to paint Republicans as extremists and will say they can’t work with them because they are outside the mainstream.

Watch the unified messaging. See it in your combox if you mention gay marriage, or any other LeftOWacky favorite cause, like the GloboWarming fraud, spending, name it.

But don't forget this: Van Jones started in the Communist Party USA. Some things simply should not be tolerated, folks.


Billiam said...

The ends justify the means. Nothing else, no on else, matters. Sad thing is, the society Jones and his ilk yearn for is the very society that winds up killing any and everyone that gets in their way or disagrees. I hope people wake up in time, including the useful idiots.

neomom said...

Van Jones was hand-picked for the job in the White House by Valerie Jarrett.... who is Obama's closest advisor.

After he resigned, he ended up at the Soros' funded Center for American Progress.

There are no coincidences.