Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Think Big, Gov. Walker

Prestegard thinks there are plenty of 'reduce-spending' opportunities.

Your website asks for a “Suggestion for how we can cut waste and make government run more efficiently for taxpayers.” I have 3,120 suggestions, because the state has 3,120 units of government, which is far too many. (It seems obvious that efforts to merge municipalities and school districts need to be encouraged.) I’ve had readers ask why the state has 13 four-year UW universities and 13 two-year colleges along with 16 technical college, which is a good question to ask.

Some enterprising lawfirm will begin an M&A practice for locals in Wisconsin, and an asset-disposition practice for school buildings.


GOR said...

I'm deficient in Wisconsin history, but one thing I have never understood is the duplication in local governments.

Why do we have "Town of..." and "Village of..." multiplied throughout the State? Villages are located within townships, each having their own administrations, which seems to me a tremendous waste of money and duplication of resources.

I'm not sure this is within the Governor's remit as there are likely some state laws regarding this - but it is something that ought to be addressed and remedied.

Anonymous said...

Um, no. If the people, through majority vote, want a village within a township, they stay the hell out of their business. Sounds like state gummint interference to me. If municipalities and school districts CHOOSE to merge, wonderful. Otherwise, they need not be compelled by the state to do so.

And, regarding the "high" number of UW universities, it's called meeting the demand of consumers.