Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The TEA Party Was Right, Folks

PowerLine excerpts from a Politico essay about the Obama Cave on taxes.

Here's the part which makes the TEA Party's bones:

...the tax compromise is just the most spectacular -- and to Democrats, infuriating -- element of a broader trend under a president who ran as the leader of the counter-revolution. It is the domestic counterpart of Obama's early decision not to repudiate and investigate reviled Bush national security policies such as indefinite detention and warrantless wiretapping, but to refine and embrace them.

Just in case you don't get the message, we have "Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee."

What was wrong with Bush43, and remains wrong with Obama, is the shamdoodles. Debt? Deficits? Size of Gummint?

All the same to the DC Boyzzzz. Just keep doing what we're doing. No changes.

The TEA Parties are in revolt against the 'comity at any cost' crap. Wage "freezes" allowing $2Bn++ in wage escalations; poison light-bulbs; no oil from the Gulf, or anyplace else within US borders, ethanol-spending, "green" spending, 90% of which goes offshore......

And for citizens? Well!!

We have TSA pics/gropes! ObamaCare (unless you get an exemption.) Banksters! Umpty-billions of bad mortgage paper guaranteed by the Gummint! Internet controls! A USDollar which buys less and less petroleum.......

Just what the revolution is all about, boyzzzz.

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