Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stuff to Watch at SCOTUS

Never heard of Connecticut v. American Electric Power?

You will.

...In a nutshell, in 2004, eight states (led by Connecticut), New York City, and three environmental groups sued five electric utilities, arguing that the companies’ CO2 emissions created a significant public nuisance. Plaintiffs asked the court to fashion a remedy whereby the utilities would be required to reduce their CO2 emissions by a “specified percentage each year for at least a decade.”

In September 2005, Southern New York District Court Judge Loretta Preska dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that regulating greenhouse gases is a “non-justiciable political question.” In September 2009, however, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Preska’s decision. The appellate court did not rule on the merits of plaintiffs’ injury claims, but held that those claims “do not present non-justiciable political questions.” The utilities appealed that decision to the Supreme Court, which this week agreed to review the case.

Well, if it's not a 'political question,' then how did the GreenWackies arrive at a political solution--i.e., fixed %/year reductions in CO2 emissions?


Deekaman said...

If it is "non-political" and is a "significant public nuisance" then the answer should be "immediately reduce CO2 to non-nuisance levels", right?

Neither is CO2 a "public nuisance" nor is this a "non-political" issue.

Jim said...

"fixed %/year reductions in CO2 emissions?"

That high levels of CO2 should be reduced in not a political issue but a scientific issue. The rate at which levels should be reduced is scientific, economic and political.

So it's not either or.

Deekaman said...

Of course. The science is settled. I forgot.

Record lows in Cancun. is not climate....unless it's record highs.'s either/or. We can get into the debate or not, but the science is only settled in the mind of the adherents to the (alleged) AGW religion.

Dad29 said...

Jim has his religion.


1968? 1972? 1944??

ONE of those years had the ideal climate, we guess.

Jim said...

"Love is like Oxygen: you get to much, you get too high. Not enough and you're gonna die." We all know CO2 is an essential gas for the planet. IN BALANCE.

I guess you guys can hole up thar in yer cabins up in the holler while the Chinese, Indians, Koreans and others research, invent and manufacture the alternative energy processes, appliances, conveyances, and batteries the entire world wants (remember demand) and their economies bury us because we're still living in the 19th and 20th centuries and giving all our money to the Saudis.

Deekaman said...

The Chinese and Indians are building coal-fired power plants faster than you can blink. They are buying automobiles that run on gasoline (not that ethanol shit we have to buy here that destroys my fuel injectors), damin rivers and building nuclear plants.

Do the math on any "alternativce green POS they are trying to foist on us. None of it works. It benefits GE, the corn lobby and politicians and not another soul on the planet.

Alternative bullshit. GAWD. Do you believe all the bullshit you are fed? Pay attention, then think for yourself, ya sheep. Watch something besides Entertainment Tonight.

Jim said...

None of that matters. If the world wants green products and the US refuses to rise to that demand, the Chinese will (are) and bury us whether they use coal or not.

"think for yourself, ya sheep. Watch something besides Entertainment Tonight." Back at ya!