Monday, December 06, 2010

Song Title: "It's Impossible...." for DNR/EPA Regs

Yup. EPA and DNR are going to reduce carbon emissions (although EPA's action is legally VERY questionable.)

Hack through the story and you find this:

The new regulations call for big energy users to calculate the amount of greenhouse gases they would produce in an expansion, and if necessary, companies would be required in their permits with the state to make changes, such as in their combustion processes, to reduce emissions, according to Andrew Stewart of the state Department of Natural Resources.

"You aren't reducing what's there," said Stewart, the DNR's chief of permits and stationary source modeling.

"You are reducing what would have been there without the changes."

No control equipment is on the market today to cut carbon emissions.

Some people wonder why outsourcing to China, India, and Vietnam is so damned popular.

I don't.

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