Monday, December 06, 2010

Schumer's Meaningless Bill

Chuckie Schumer, an old-style and thick-headed NY pol, proposes to make it illegal to keep/distribute the naked TSA scan-shots of your wife and daughters. He's the Senator Batson Belfry figure in today's Congress.

Thus he attempts to gain approval from voters, who in his estimation are unbelievably stupid.

The solution to air-terrorism is not naked pix and feel-ups. But Chuckie likes the idea of "naked pix or feel-ups." It gives him his Statist jollies (and perhaps other jollies, too), to subject US citizens like nuns, 80-y.0. grannies, (etc.) to Big Brother's control methods.

So he wholeheartedly affirms the underlying Statism pig while furiously applying lipstick.

We got rid of a lot of old-style pols just a few weeks ago.

There are a lot more on the list.

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