Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Retrograde" Teachers in Wisconsin


Dal Lawrence, the former longtime president of the Toledo Federation of Teachers and current member of the Teachers Union Reform Network, called the state's teachers union one of the most "retrograde" in the country, along with New York's.

"In Wisconsin, they think they invented labor-management relations in the 1920s and they don't want to hear about anything new since then," he said.

That's an indictment if I ever saw one.

The picture-caption at the top of the linked story will tell you something, too.

So will this:

According to figures from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, WEAC's political action committee has spent more than $9 million in unlimited independent expenditures on behalf of political candidates between 1998 and 2008, with only $17,136 of that amount spent to help a single Republican candidate

That's a lot of moola.


Deekaman said...

Isn't it a conflict of interest for WEAC to be supporting candidates? It would be like me supporting the election of board members for a company for which I worked.

Am I wrong here?

Dad29 said...

THey have the same 1st-Amendment rights as does any other party.

Not the same as corporate governance which requires share-ownership.