Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh, No!! Attorneys Hardest Hit by ChooChoo Demise!

Oh, the humanity!

The demise of the ChooChoo may force attorneys to drive themselves back and forth between Madistan and Milwaukee like some drudge-schlub working stiff, or--shame of shames--take the Badger Bus along with those smelly little students.

At least it's all billable time, right?


They might not even have billable time!


If the federally financed high-speed rail project in Wisconsin dies, so too will the expected increase in work for many attorneys.

You know the ChooChooBoyzzzz are getting desperate when their PR campaign includes "use attorneys as sympathetic figures."


Tim Morrissey said...

Glad you said it. I was thinkin' it, but you said it. Kudos.

GOR said...

Well if the train is so important to the law firms, let them fund it!

With all the multi-million-dollar settlements they keep boasting about I'm sure they can afford to throw a few bucks towards it, right?