Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Kid Wants to Sing Chant!

Was at a funeral today. The folks stopped in the narthex of the church for final prayers over the coffin, and when they ended, the Salve Regina was intoned and sung.

Sitting in his stroller, a 1-year-old boy was riveted by the singing--about 12 of us, one lady, singing that Chant as though we'd been singing together for years.

He couldn't stop staring. You could see his mind furiously processing all this.

......dulcis virgo Maria.

We stopped. It was the end.

And he started.

Yah, it was tuneless--but he got his Latin vowels dead-on. ooooahhhhhoooo...

Then he realized that he was the ONLY one singing, and retreated. Too bad.

Who says kids don't 'get' Chant?


Amy said...

Was it the funeral for Fr. Rob's father?

Dad29 said...


GOR said...

"Ex ore infantium..."