Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gary Grunau Doesn't Understand "NO"

Gary Grunau now jumps on the ChooChooBandwagon.

Milwaukee developer Gary Grunau still hopes to get an audience with Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Walker to discuss saving the proposed high-speed rail line between Milwaukee and Madison.

...Grunau proposes a task force to explore operating the train without taxpayer support. He suggests that a user fee, sponsorships and support from local municipalities could cover the $4.7 million annual cost. --Milwaukee BizJournal

Grunau argues that the freight-tracks need work and (therefore) Wisconsin should take the bait of the ChooChoo. He further argues that Wisconsin will not be part of the railroad DTW/MSP network and will lose out.

But to make his case, Grunau concedes that "Federal money" has to be used.

Where does "Federal money" come from, Gary? Pixies? Unicorns?

Grunau has been a Gummint-handout guy for years. It was nice work while it could be had. But the gravy train (cough) stops now, Gary.

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