Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Doylet's Secret Contracts

Seems that the Doylet is negotiating for new contracts with State employees.


He wants to push them through the Legislature before Walker & Co. take over the State in January.

Well, maybe OK.

The Pubbies want to see the contracts. You know, 'sunshine' and all that.

Somehow, that doesn't seem to be possible.

...Democrats say that the period covered in the contracts is already mostly over and that the contracts themselves are austere, with no pay raises and unpaid furloughs of 16 days over two years that amount to a 3.3% cut in pay.

Well, if that's all there is to it, then why can't they be publicized?



Steveo said...

Having been a part of this type of negotiations I'm certain that there's provisions in these contracts that make up for the 0% wage freeze by giving other things that cost perhaps 3% or more. Things like "no layoff, no furlough" or decreased co-pays, more vacation, more unsupervised uniform allowances and any number of other give aways.

The devil is always in the details and keeping true to form, Doyle and the Dem's don't want anyone see them give a big sloppy multi-year wet kiss to their union pals.

And this has to be illegal. If the union has a tentative agreement with the State, the contract is public info.

Cough it up Jimmy Boy.

Oh, wait. I forgot. Laws are for the little people not Diamond Jim.

capper said...

The contracts haven't been ratified by the unions yet. The voting won't be done until December 10. Until then, they are the subject of state and federal laws requiring them to remain private.

It's not that hard of a thing to figure out, unless you just don't give a damn about the law or rights.

And Steveo, they already have had furloughs and workers have already been laid off, so you're only blowing smoke.

Steveo said...

Read what I wrote Capper.

These contracts are impossible to figure out IF YOU CAN'T GET COPIES OF THEM TO READ.

Being a union guy, you must have gotten a copy because you seem to have some detail. That makes you party to the contract. Why then does the other legal party not get to read the contracts?

And the fact that you have HAD furloughs and layoffs does not prevent the issue from being in this contract and having those who were laid off or furloughed being paid back. There's your compensation for the lack of a pay increase.

But no one knows except your buddy Diamond Jim and your union friends.

Dad29 said...

Today's news brings a press release from the state's main union.

It is obviously only half (or less) of the story. Nothing but Union concessions.

So we are to believe that the union agreed to concessions for NOTHING in return?


capper said...

Actually, the state repubs have a copy of the contract. Now the question is why are they lying to you?